Why Should I do Applied Learning Projects (ALPS)?

Learn how to register now for ALPS | Basic (8 to 10 hours/week commitment)!

Apply now for ALPS | Advanced opportunities (20 to 30+ hours/week commitment)!


Applied Learning Projects (ALPS) is a program offered by the Research Business Development Center (RBDC) to help students grow professionally by providing opportunities for them to convert knowledge gained in the classroom into actual skills they can report on their resumes.

The RBDC connects students to companies and organizations for which they can perform value-added research projects. BYU-Idaho students can be on campus in Rexburg or across the globe online when they participate in ALPS.

Hear From Our Past Students

Student Project Opportunities

College Student

ALPS | Basic

Research Associate

  • 8-10 hours per week
  • Possible Internship/Course Credit
  • No Experience Required
  • Open Enrollment
  • Non-paid
  • Rexburg or Online

ALPS | Advanced

Research Specialist/Junior Analyst

  • 20-30 hours per week
  • Possible Internship/Course Credit
  • Interview for position
  • Preferred Previous Experience
  • Possible Stipend
  • Rexburg or Online