Data Science Academy

What is the DSA?

The Data Science Academy (DSA) was created to help students learn and build data analytics skills, regardless of what your major is! Participants include both college and high school students from Eastern Idaho and Salt Lake areas. The skills and certifications offered through the DSA are intended to help students gain skills that will increase marketability in future careers. The DSA offers small group classes, certifications, industry expert interactive guest speakers, and  competitions that build on the training academy members have received.

The DSA runs in semester cycles. This cycle runs from September to December 2020. Students can join at any time. For this first cycle, the DSA membership is free! The software platform that the DSA will focus on for Fall 2020 is Microsoft’s PowerBI.

The DSA is ready and waiting for you. Come build or strengthen marketable data skills!

Fall 2020 | Calendar of Events

Kickoff Event – September 30th, 2020

Classes Start – October 1st, 2020

Keynote Speaker – October TBA

Competition Begins – November 1st, 2020

Competition Ending Social – November 18th, 2020

Keynote Speaker


Speaker announcement and details coming soon!



Certifications through the DSA are offered after completion of a training course. Training courses are provided JourneyTEAM a Microsoft Gold certified partner.

Students are assigned to small study groups based on schedules and work pace. Teams have the entire month of October to complete the training course and receive the certificate. Typically a minimum time commitment of 3 hours per week is required to complete training.

Students are welcome and encouraged to participate in additional tasks and events outside of training as offered by the DSA.


The DSA is built with the understanding that students of all majors can benefit from learning how to work with and interpret data. Our hope is to reach students who may not otherwise have opportunities to gain confidence in working with data throughout the course of their formal education.

In addition to non-analytics related majors, we welcome those who are studying Data Science, Business Analytics, and related degrees! We hope to provide these students the opportunity to share the skills they have and in turn, strengthen their own understanding of data.

What To Expect

As a member of the Data Science Academy you have access to the following:

  • Ability to sign up for certificate-backed training courses
  • Sponsored competition with prizes
  • Industry expert guest speakers and forums
  • Networking opportunities with current and upcoming industry professionals
  • Much more that will be announced at a later date

Bonus: For students that sign up for Fall semester, membership dues are waived.

Benefits of the DSA

The DSA is available to all students, regardless of previous experience.

Members will be able to learn more about what Data Science entails, see how real companies use data in their organizations, and be invited to academy specific events. DSA members will also be invited to participate in the competition and register for certificate-backed training courses.

Proof of Certification

Being certified has little weight unless you have proof. Completion of our training courses comes with a digital copy of your Certificate of Completion, backed by a Microsoft Gold Partner, and available to post on your LinkedIn, resume, or other professional development sites.

Improve Your Resume

A degree is an incredibly important part of your resume. However, to set candidates apart from the crowd employers also like to see that applicants have been involved with industry appropriate extra-curricular activities.

That is exactly what the DSA provides. Through involvement with the DSA, students are able to enrich their resumes with certifications, competitions, and projects for real companies, working with real data.

Valuable Connections

The Data Science Academy provides opportunities to build two types of professional connections. The first connections that are built are with other future-professionals who are also participating in the academy. This can lead to invaluable networking opportunities in the future. The second type of connections are with current industry professionals through guest speaker events, competitions, and other interactions.

Practical Business Skills

One of the most exciting elements of the DSA is the competition that is offered at the end of the semester. The competition is sponsored by a real company, headquartered here in Idaho, that will allow students the opportunity to compete using real life data.

Participating in the competition can give you an idea of what employers may ask you to do with your training certification.  For more information on the certifications, please refer to the Certifications Page.

The DSA is ready and waiting for you. Come build or strengthen marketable data skills!