For Alumni of BYU-Idaho

Give Back

As BYU-Idaho alumni, you have broken trail for the students who are following in your footsteps. The Research and Business Development Center (RBDC) provides current BYU-Idaho students to gain meaningful work experience.

This is where you come in. Give back by providing these students with a project -a real-world opportunity to help them build their own skills in preparation for successful careers starting at a mere $399. In return, you will be able to receive business help and solutions as teams of students work on projects tailored to your needs.

Applied Learning Projects (ALPS) | Basic is a program offered by the RBDC, which enables students to grow professionally by providing opportunities for them to convert knowledge gained in the classroom into real-world business skills, mutually benefitting both clients and students.

To learn more about ALPS | Basic and sign up for a project click here.

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How Does It Work?

  • Work With Students

    Students work from campus or across the globe on your projects while taking other academic courses. You stay involved through regular meetings.

  • Choose A Project

    Your scope of work sets the parameters for the projects. There is a wide range of possibilities, all depending on what you need help with.

  • When To Do A Project

    With BYU-Idaho semesters starting in January, April and September, your projects can happen year round.

  • Price

    ALPS | Basic projects start at a mere $399*. Connect with a student team next semester for a small administrative fee.

*Clients are expected to lead their teams through the 13-week project. Clients may select to have students work in an area that is outside of their expertise. However, results will vary as the students may or may not fully understand the work to be done. Successful projects tend to have clients that work with their teams for 4 to 6 hours a week along with focusing on a project scope that they understand well, but do not have the time to complete themselves.

What are the benefits?

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Receive Business Help and Solutions

Students work in teams of up to five students through the ALPS program provided by the RBDC. By signing up for a project, your business, or the business you work with will receive help in an area specifically tailored to your scope of work.

Provide Students with Real World Experience

As BYU-Idaho alumni, you have paved the way for the expanding opportunities of those who follow in your steps. Be a part of the continued advancements of current students by staying connected with their academic development and most importantly, real experience.

Talent Acquisition in Expanding Your Network

The RBDC has a strong network of businesses both locally and abroad, and it ever increasing its connections. It also works with hundreds of students every year. Working with the Research and Business Development Center enables expanded networking opportunity and future recruiting potential with talented graduating students.

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Not Sure?

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