DSA Competition Information

Winter 2021

Winter 2021 Competition

Specific Dates and Times | TBA

Goal: To complete as many of the objectives as possible. Each objective is assigned a point value. The teams with the most points at the end will win. $400 total in prize money will be given to the winning teams.

Time Commitment: Your team is welcome to contribute as many hours as you’d like but the estimated minimum is a total of six hours over the 16 day competition period.

Dates and Time | TBA

The competition will last for just over two weeks. In the kickoff meeting, you’ll be assigned to a small team, given the data, and given a few business objectives to complete. During the 16 competition days, you and your team will build a Power BI dashboard that fulfills the business objective requirements. In the closing ceremonies, your team will present the dashboard to the Taproot Medical team and they’ll choose 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners based on the rubric.

Rules and Game Play

  • You will be assigned to a small team (2-4 members) who also have experience with Power BI.
  • Taproot Medical will provide a data set and grading rubric to each team.
  • Once your team receives the data and rubric, you will have two weeks to complete your dashboard.
  • Final dashboards will be presented and judged in the closing ceremonies.
  • Prizes will come in the form of Amazon gift cards. Each prize will be evenly split among the members of the team that won it.
  • Your team is welcome to use whatever resources you’d like including the Fundamentals of Power BI curriculum, internet searches, and previous dashboards you’ve built. We just ask that the only people who work on your dashboard are your assigned team members. Anyone else contributing will be considered cheating.
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What if I want to compete but don’t have experience with Power BI?

This is a DSA members only competition for those who have some level of familiarity with the platform. The DSA will also have a training option available that lines up with the selected platform for a given semester. Even if you cannot afford the discounted price, feel free to pursue other training materials online to learn the platform. The DSA picks platforms that have free education or a freemium license available. Stayed tuned for the announcement of next semester’s platform to make a plan to be ready for the competition!

What if I completed most of the Fundamentals of Power BI course but didn’t quite finish it?

We still encourage you to participate and then complete the training on your own time.


The competition is only available to DSA members. The registration link will be posted to the DSA Slack workspace.

Our client sponsor for this competition is Taproot, a company specializing in formatting and regulating cancer data. They’re allowing us to use their authentic data for the experience of solving real industry business needs.