ALPS | Advanced – Business Research for Technical Researchers (Fall 2021)

This posting is for any potential Business Research projects that have a technical knowledge area such as engineering or computer programing or network systems or cybersecurity during Fall Semester 2021 (Sept 13 – Dec 10, 2021). Please note: there may or may not be any projects that will have this need. This is an interest-only posting and not a guarantee that any projects will be available.

Gain meaningful work experience by committing anywhere from 5 hours per week to 10 hours on a project with the Research and Business Development Center (RBDC). Use this posting to apply to be a Technical Researcher.

The ALPS | Advanced program is educational training and not employment as such there is no compensation.

For students located in the United States (and overlapping timezones), interns are selected for two general time slots: Morning (9am – 1pm mountain time) and Afternoon (1pm – 5pm mountain time). This time needs to be available during the week. For students located outside of the time zones that overlap with the United States time zones, the schedule is flexible. However, client meetings may be at inconvenient times as almost all of our clients are located in United States time zones. Please note that client meetings are only a small amount of the overall project load.

Project Types

These types of projects will be business research projects that involve products or technologies or vertical markets that have related to specific domain knowledge. Please note that at the core these are business research projects, not engineering or design, or coding projects. However, the disciplines that learn these hard skills may help a business research team to more fully understand some technical components of the project scope. The Technical Researchers are required to participate in regular team meetings as well as training offered by RBDC program staff. They will be required to contribute to all final deliverables. Some examples of these types of projects are:

  • Market Analysis for an Emerging Technology
  • Feasibility Studies for Advanced Research and Development Efforts
  • Technology Transfer of Primary Research Efforts


RBDC will train you before you begin work with your client and training will continue weekly throughout the 13-week internship.


Your team will be assigned a project manager through the RBDC who will provide general guidance, insight into how to accomplish work, and assist in client meetings. You will also receive direction and instruction from your client, and an executive mentor who is either a permanent full-time staff member of the RBDC or a volunteer business executive from the community.

Technical Researchers

  • About 5 – 10 hours per week
  • Completed upper-division courses in the needed subject domain
    • OR Faculty Recommendation
  • Willing and able to participate in all team and client meetings
  • $500 support grant (Stipend) available
  • Max 12 credit or working no more than 30 hours per week
  • Rexburg or Remote

Typical Majors

These are some of the more typical majors. All are welcome to apply.

  • Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, and/or Computer)
  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Computer Information Technology (CIT)
  • Agribusiness
  • Biology
  • Construction Management
  • Web Design and Development

Please note: there may or may not be any project with technical needs for Spring Semester 2021. This is an interest-only posting and not a guarantee that any projects will be available.

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