Receiving Credit

While ALPS projects are fantastic at providing meaningful work experience for your resume, there are many academic credit options available to students at BYU-Idaho and Ensign College. ALPS | Basic and ALPS | Advanced projects are designed to have enough flexibility in hour requirements and project type to meet your needs. They also align with the academic semester calendar. Depending on your major, these projects can potentially apply to internship or credit requirements. This approval process must be done through your respective institution of higher education.

The Applied Learning Projects (ALPS) program is provided by the Research and Business Development Center (RBDC), not BYU-Idaho or Ensign College. The RBDC is a contract service provider to both BYU-Idaho and Ensign College.

For ALPS | Advanced projects, students need to use the typical process to apply for internship credit or explore course substitutions. The best way to find out if participating in ALPS | Advanced will count for internship credit is to work with your faculty advisor over internships for BYU-Idaho students and to work with the Career and Internship Services for Ensign College students.

Advanced projects provide students with a 150 hour to 270+ hour experience over the course of a semester. The content and skills application of our projects are currently centered on business research. Some projects may have a need for data science skills and/or programming with familiarity with Python, R/Shiney, and SQL. For some majors, these project experiences will pair well with the internship requirements. Past students have found this alignment with applied math, business management, communications, finance, economics, marketing, public health, psychology, sociology, and more. However, students must work directly with their department on a case by case basis.

For ALPS | Basic projects, BYU-Idaho students will receive credit through IDS 297R. Some majors may have an opportunity to substitute this elective credit for a required course. To explore this option, non-business major students will need to contact advising and discuss the options. The easiest route is to complete IDS 297R and then work with advising and your department chair to override the pre-authorized course substitution and/or internship credit. For business major students, ALPS | Basic is an approved substitution for B 298. Your grad plan will recognize IDS 297R as an equivalency to B 298R.

For ALPS | Basic projects, Ensign College students will receive internship credit through CAR 299 or an equivalent program specific internship course.

Basic projects provide students with a 105+ hour experience over the course of a semester. The content and skills application will vary by client. All Basic projects are an entry-level professionalism opportunity.

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